Grajman d.o.o., Cesta na Log 3,
1357 Notranje Gorice, Slovenia
Tel.: +386 1 365 14 21
Fax: +386 1/ 363 43 84
GSM: +386 41/ 634 195
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Presentation of Grajman construction company and its activities

Grajman construction company was founded in 1992.
We do construction works at the area of building roads, railways, airports, sports complexes. We also offer services of transportations and we are mediators with selling construction mechanization and motor vehicles. Our services can be used in Slovenia.

Through the ten years tradition we are aware of the importance of technological development. Therefore we invest in our capital and modernization of our equipment.

The company is successful and is known as a reliable. We work as a team.

Besides our primary activities, we gained extended works in Industrijska obrtna cona (Industrial area) Zapolje Logatec. Working there is a big challenge for our company.
Our goal is to qualitative perform the services in construction and transportation. This goal is set on respecting the obligations of the contract.

We perform ground and construction works:

  • Ground works of VI. category
  • Upper system
  • Traffic settlement
  • Canalization - construction works
  • Underground streams
  • Catcher of grease with a filter
  • Waterworks - construction works
  • telephony - construction works
  • electricity - construction works
  • Gas pipes - construction works
  • Construction of roads with the needed infrastructure
  • Transportations with dump trucks
  • Excavations and cartage of material

Offer of used mechanization from our stock:

Machines are located in Industrijska obrtna cona (Industrial area) Zapolje Logatec, Slovenia

Card of the company:

Title of the company GRAJMAN d.o.o.
Address Cesta na Log 3, 1357 Notranje Gorice, Slovenia
Phone: + 386 (0)1 3651421
Fax: + 386 (0)1 3634384
Contact: Anton Rakovec (GSM: + 386 (0)41 634195)
Matjaž Rakovec (GSM: + 386 (0)31 503883)
Registration number: 5689007
VAT registration number: 39166422
Transaction account: 02018-0015509486